Biden administration to send humanitarian aid to Latin America in effort to upend migrant crisis

United States - Central America
Honduran migrants, heading to the border with the United States, walk along a road in Camotan, Guatemala, on Jan. 16. JOHAN ORDONEZ/AFP via Getty Images

The United States will send an additional $310 million in aid to the Northern Triangle countries and train a Guatemalan “task force” in an effort to upend the migrant crisis overwhelming authorities at the southern border, Vice President Kamala Harris announced.

The announcement came in a statement Monday from Harris’ chief spokeswoman and senior adviser Symone Sanders after the VP’s meeting with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei. “In light of the dire situation and acute suffering faced by millions of people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Vice President Harris announced an additional $310 million in U.S. government support for humanitarian relief and to address food insecurity,” a portion of Sanders’ statement read. Of the $310 million, $255 million will go toward humanitarian relief while $55 million will address food insecurity in the region.

In addition to the aid, Sanders said Harris and Giammattei “committed to strengthen bilateral efforts to manage migration,” specifically noting that Guatemala planned to “increase the number of border security personnel and strengthen and enhance safeguards at its northern and southern borders.” The two would also work toward opening migrant resource centers in Guatemala and “provide services for people seeking lawful pathways of migration as well as those in need of protection, asylum referrals, and refugee resettlement.”

As part of the effort to enhance safeguards, the US agreed to send 16 Department of Homeland Security employees to train members of a Guatemalan task force protecting the country’s borders. “On border security, what was discussed was the establishment of a joint task force for border protection,” Guatemalan Foreign Minister Pedro Brolo said. “The U.S. government offered training” [NY Post].




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