Andy Ngô announces he will be leaving United States due to alleged threats from Antifa

Andy Ngo - Antifa
In this Sept. 12, 2019 photo, Andy Ngo, a conservative write,m attends a press conference in Portland, Ore. Ngo has filed a lawsuit against purported elements of the nebulous far-left-leaning militant groups collectively known as antifa on Thursday, June 4 2020. Ngo has drawn attention to antifa for years and says he was targeted and suffered brain injuries when he was assaulted while covering protests in Portland a year ago. The suit seeks $900,000 in damages, claiming assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress, and an injunction barring the group from further harassment, accusing Rose City Antifa of “pattern of racketeering activities” among other legal claims. (Mark Graves/The Oregonian via AP)

Andy Ngô– an outspoken critic of Antifa– in a recent interview on Fox News, has described his extensive analysis of the group and threats he’s received from them in publicizing it.

AntiFa– or “Anti-Fascist Action–” is a far-left paramilitary wing of political activism. However, AntiFa has often been described as an “umbrella term,” encompassing many different organized far-left militias. Ngô, a second-generation American journalist and author, in a recent Fox News interview, described his research and study of the numerous organizations of the ‘Anti-Fascist Action.’ 

Ngô has amassed a large following on the American conservative right through the publication of his recent book, “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.” His book was a critical analysis of a speculated political conspiracy between the American political left and America’s AntiFa groups. As reported by Ngô, in his home of Portland, OR, many left-wing advocatates began pressuring Ngô and distributors However, when Ngô continued to advocate against AntiFa groups, he was attacked several times, even being beaten by a crowd of people which resulted in brain damage. After recovering, in early 2021, Ngô fled the United States amid what he describes as “an escalation of safety concerns.” 

Ngô, in the interview, described the AntiFa militias “dressed head-to-toe in black.” They carried bats, crowbars and hammers and were “just destroying the he– out of the place.” Ngô later expanded, describing his perspective of their ideological goals, saying, “These extremist, radical, unfounded ideas were given space to propagate in our papers of legacy, in our homes and… through broadcast and radio, and of course to online news sites. AntiFa is designed to create a decentralized system of cells and affinity groups who share in the same ideology through disseminated propaganda and literature.” 

Ngô later criticized the press’ coverage of the Anti-Fascist groups, saying, “These extremist, radical, unfounded ideas were given space to propagate in our papers of legacy, in our homes and… through broadcast and radio, and of course to online news sites.” He expanded, describing– from his perspective– a misconstrued image of the left-wing paramilitaries, saying, “And that’s what these people are doing – protecting communities from neo-Nazis and White supremacists and the KKK. That’s the story that the public was being told.” Lastly, Ngô described his decision to temporarily flee the country, following recent attacks on his family’s home.

While many conservative-leaning Americans are supportive of Ngô’s critiques of AntiFa, others have remained critical of his analysis. Some critics of Ngô have argued that paramilitary groups involved with Anti-Fascist Action have helped in minimizing the threat of Neo-Nazi & white supremacy groups of the Alt-Right. On the other hand, many conservatives like Ngô refute this point, claiming that all political violence is domestic terrorism– regardless of political affiliation– and needs to be supressed. Andy Ngô, meanwhile, continues to investigate such ideas as he researches American AntiFa paramilitary groups.




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