Trump: ‘There’s No Way We Lost Georgia’

President Trump has returned to the campaign trail on Monday night for Georgia’s Republican senators, and declared that he won the state which was surprisingly certified as a victory for Joe Biden.

“There’s no way we lost Georgia,” President Trump stated as he took the stage in Dalton, Georgia. “That was a rigged election, and we’re still fighting it, and you’ll see what’s going to happen. I had two elections, and I won both of them, it’s amazing.

“I had two elections,” he added. “I won both of them. It’s amazing. I did much better on the second one.”

Both the Senate and House will weigh the Electoral College votes in a joint session of Congress on Wednesday. Republicans in both chambers are planning to contest the certification of votes in a number of key battleground states, including Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

“I have to tell you the stakes of this election could not be higher,” Trump said. “You vote. People want to go out. They don’t want to do the ballot thing, unless it’s the other side. They want to go and vote. Make sure your vote is counted. Don’t let them say, ‘I’m sorry, someone else voted for you.’

“The radical Democrats are trying to capture Georgia Senate seats, so they will have absolute power over every aspect of your lives, if the liberal Democrats take the Senate and the White House.

“And they are not taking this White House. We will fight like h*ll. I will tell you right now.”

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