New York Bill Allow’s State To Detain People If Deemed A Threat To Public Health

A bill which is being introduced in the New York State Assembly would allow the governor and other health officials to detain anyone suspected of having a contagious disease, like ebola or coronavirus.

New York State Assemblyman N. Nick Perry is sponsoring Bill A416, which will be taken up by the Assembly’s Health Committee on Wednesday.

“So disturbing. NY bill allows for the *removal and detention* of anyone who ‘may be a danger to public health.’ Yes, that’s purposely undefined,” conservative podcast host Allie Beth Stuckey wrote on Twitter. “Yes, it will be used, at least one day, to forcibly remove you or your children from your home for whatever reason the state sees fit.”

People who are detained would be held in a “medical facility” or another “appropriate facility or premises designated by the governor” for no longer than three days, but could be held longer.

If the person is detained and is ordered to be kept past three days they can request a release. The governor would then be obligated to apply for a court order authorizing the extended detention after three days after under the legislation.

Once a person is considered to no longer be contagious, they can be released.

“This is straight up detention camp stuff in NY! A Bill giving [New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo], Health Commissioner or any ‘designated’ official full ‘power’ to remove any person/group of people from their home if deemed contagious. It’s horrifying. Wake up NY [and] Fight!” Liz Joy, who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in New York in 2020, wrote on Twitter.

Assemblyman Kieran Michael Lalor said if the bill passes, New Yorkers will suffer “years of unspeakable abuses to their liberties.”

“This bill is brazenly unconstitutional and a threat to the civil liberties of all New Yorkers,” he said, noting Gov. Andrew Cuomo should come out and say that he will not sign the bill into law if passed by the state legislature. “The mere existence of this bill is an unacceptable threat to the rights of all New Yorkers. It should be withdrawn immediately.”

Lalor stated that while the legislation has been unsuccessfully introduced in previous years, it could end up being part of another bill.

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