BREAKING: Bomb Found and Safely Detonated at RNC, DNC Evacuated

Blocks away from the Capitol Building, a pipe bomb was uncovered at the Republican National Committee headquarters, swiftly and safely detonated by law enforcement officials. Nearby, a suspicious package was found at the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and was quickly evacuated.

The package found at the DNC has not been identified yet. Fox News reporter Chad Pergram reported that the FBI was investigating reports of “suspicious devices at the Capital.”

As chaos grips D.C., the Washington, D.C., and Virginia National Guard have been deployed to the hours-long riot that has seen protesters storm the Capitol Building following a rally of thousands of people featuring President Donald Trump. Shots have been heard and at least one person is known to have been shot inside the building.

Though members of Congress were supposed to meet to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win, the riots triggered an evacuation of the Capitol Building, with Vice President Mike Pence transported to a secure, undisclosed location.

On Twitter, President Donald Trump called on the riots to remain peaceful, demanding “No violence!” as protesters breach the Capitol Building and grow increasingly chaotic.

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