Twitter Says They Might Ban Trump From Platform

Once Biden assumes office on Inauguration Day, Twitter can remove Trump’s special privileges as a high-profile world leader and treat his account as a normal one.

According to Twitter’s principles & approach involving world leaders, “if a Tweet from a world leader does violate the Twitter Rules but there is a clear public interest value to keeping the Tweet on the service, we may place it behind a notice that provides context about the violation and allows people to click through should they wish to see the content.”

The confirmation of Trump’s possible ban came on Thursday from a Twitter spokesperson speaking with Forbes. He is allowed to remain on the social media platform under the World Leaders policy.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said during an interview with CBS on Nov. 17, Twitter labeled more than 300,000 misleading election tweets between Oct. 27 through Nov. 11.

A Trump crackdown will not be a first for Twitter. The company has blocked the New York Post in October after they refused to take down a tweet referring to a story about emails allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

Donald Trump’s personal account is separate from the @POTUS handle, which will be passed on to Biden once he assumes office.

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