President Trump Rewarding Supporters With Positions on Commissions

President Donald Trump is rewarding some supporters and like-minded allies with the perks and prestige that come with serving on federal advisory boards and commissions.

The positions that President Trump has filled in recent weeks are generally on advisory boards in which members go without a salary, though they get reimbursed for travel expenses.

On Thursday, Trump announced his intention to nominate two authors who wrote books that flattered him to a board that makes recommendations on education research.

On Wednesday, the Department of Defense announced that Michael Pillsbury would become the chair of a board that gives Pentagon leadership advice on how to enhance national security.

Trump said he would appoint his former counselor and 2016 campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, to serve on the board of visitors to the U.S. Air Force Academy. 

Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union and who backed Trump’s  claims of election fraud, will become a member of the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board.

It’s not unusual for outgoing presidents to make a flurry of appointments to boards and commissions before leaving office. With three days to go in his tenure, President Barack Obama named senior advisor Valerie Jarrett and national security advisor Susan Rice to the Kennedy Center board.

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