Investigators Identify Person of Interest in Nashville Bombing

Investigators identified a Nashville, Tenn., resident as a person of interest in the bombing that hit the city Christmas morning, according to law-enforcement officials.

The Christmas morning explosion, injured at least three people and damaged at least 41 buildings, according to authorities. The three people were reported to be in stable condition.

Police on Saturday afternoon were searching 63-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner’s home for evidence, one of the officials said.

More than 24 hours after the explosion, a motive remained elusive as investigators worked round-the-clock to resolve unanswered questions about a recreational vehicle that blew up on a mostly deserted street on a sleepy holiday morning and was prefaced by a recorded warning advising those nearby to evacuate.

Investigators from multiple federal and local law enforcement agencies were at a home in Antioch, Nashville, after receiving information relevant to the investigation, said FBI Special Agent Jason Pack.

Federal agents could be seen looking around the property, searching the home and the backyard. An image from Google Maps has shown a similar recreational vehicle parked in the backyard.

Cupola Court - House
Screen capture from Google Street view

Officials say they have received more than 500 tips since the explosion, which the Tennessee governor described early Friday morning as appearing intentional.

 “There are a number of individuals that we’re looking at,” said FBI agent Doug Korneski. “At this point, we’re not prepared to identify any single individual.”

Residents who live near the site of the blast have described a distinct set of events leading up to the explosion, such as hearing gunshots that sounded as if they had been pre-recorded or designed to attract their attention, reports The Washington Post.

US attorney Don Cochran said the scene was “like a giant jigsaw puzzle created by a bomb” and that investigators from the FBI and ATF were working to solve the mystery.

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