Deborah Birx Violates Own Coronavirus Guidelines, Traveled Over Thanksgiving Weekend

In yet another example of lead policymakers and “experts” exhibiting total disregard for their own rules, White House Coronavirus Task Force Coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx reportedly traveled to her Delaware vacation home over Thanksgiving weekend accompanied by three generations of family members from two households, despite advising Americans to “limit interactions indoors to immediate households.”

Birx maintained to the Associated Press that she “did not go to Delaware for the purpose of celebrating Thanksgiving,” however conceded that her family shared a meal while together, violating her own guidelines. According to the report from AP,  “She insisted the purpose of the roughly 50-hour visit was to deal with the winterization of the property before a potential sale — something she says she previously hadn’t had time to do because of her busy schedule.” 

“Birx said that everyone on her Delaware trip belongs to her ‘immediate household,’ even as she acknowledged they live in two different homes.”

Kathleen Flynn, whose brother is married to Birx’s daughter, discouraged the get-together due to her mother’s, and babysitter for the Potomac home, health complications and affirmed that “(Birx) cavalierly violated her own guidance.” 

Of course, the hypocrisy goes without saying. As our experts fail to live up to their own regulations and politicians who flaunt their infallible faith in the scientists, we must realize those who string the most fear of the virus do not hold any fear of the virus themselves. If the virus should be taken seriously and if we should take such an extreme level of concern that we suffocate our own economy and eradicate small businesses, then our leaders should share in that fear and take an equal perspective of the severity of the pandemic.

However, politicians and experts do not fear the virus and neither should the American people. Under constant threat of killing grandma from the Left if so much as meet a few friends for coffee or refuse to wear a filthy piece of cloth over our face while picking up a sandwich for lunch, irrational fear of the virus has blinded us, leaving us vulnerable to blatant overreaches and hypocrisy from our leaders.

To end the lockdowns, our fear of the virus must be conquered or power-hungry politicians will continue to take advantage of it. Though we must remain vigilant to avoid unnecessary death and responsible for those who are at risk, to cower in our homes will magnify the totalitarian takeover, not end it, as what’s been promised since March. We must follow the clear example our leaders have set. 

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