Congress Approves $1.375 Billion in Funding for Border Wall

As apart of the $1.4 trillion omnibus spending bill for the next fiscal year, Congress will approve 1.375 billion dollars for the notorious wall along the southern border. Tucked into the 900 billion dollar COVID-19 relief bill, delivering the long-awaited next round of stimulus checks, the funding will match the number agreed upon last year for the wall. The White House has indicated Trump will sign the bill following Congress’s approval. 

Though President Donald Trump requested 2 billion, both sides compromised on the lower number, especially with the urgency of getting stimulus checks into American pockets. Funding for the wall is one of the most contentious issues in Congress and led to the nation’s longest government shutdown in December of 2018. 

The funding for the wall will continue through the entire next year, even if Trump loses re-election, though Biden could attempt to apply political pressure to repeal the funding by bypassing budget law, which requires the government to spend appropriated funds. 

What might go down as the greatest failure of Trump’s administration looks to receive a little life but it won’t amend one of the biggest broken promises from Trump’s 2016 campaign. Border security has always been a central issue for President Trump and the wall was his grand plan, with his showmanship bleeding into boasting about the wall. Yet, four years later, only 15 miles of a brand new, primary border wall has been built (350 miles have been either replaced or built as a new secondary barrier).

Funding never came easily in Congress and, with his administration seemingly coming to an early demise, the border wall simply won’t be completed in its entirety, or at least not under the Trump administration, despite the growing demand of heightened security at the border. 

With President-Elect Joe Biden’s promises of citizenship to “over 11 million undocumented people in America,” illegal immigrants start to feel emboldened, only inviting more foreign nationals to attempt to enter the country illegally. Already the number of foreign nationals attempting to unlawfully enter the U.S. last month saw a 64% increase compared to November of last year, hinting at a border crisis mounting for the Biden administration.

But the wall will receive, at least some, funding for the time being. America will need it.

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