China Detains Bloomberg Employee Over ‘National Security’ Concerns

Chinese citizen Haze Fan “was seen being escorted from her apartment building by plainclothes security officials” on Monday shortly after being in contact with one of her editors.

Fan started working for Bloomberg in 2017. Bloomberg News is an international news agency headquartered in New York City.

She was detained because the Chinese government believes she was endangering national security.

Ms. Fan was detained by the Beijing National Security Bureau because according to Chinese law she was suspicious of engaging in criminal activities.

Chinese nationals working for foreign media outlets in China are categorized as news assistants.

In August, authorities in Beijing detained Cheng Lei, a China-born Australian citizen working for Chinese state-run broadcaster CGTN, on suspicion of illegal activities that endangered China’s national security.

“We are very concerned for her, and have been actively speaking to Chinese authorities to better understand the situation. We are continuing to do everything we can to support her while we seek more information,” a Bloomberg spokesperson said on Friday.

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