Cardinal Burke Warns Marxism Is Coming To US

Cardinal Raymond Burke informs us that the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” initiative is in response to Covid-19. It is an attempt to manipulate “citizens and nations through ignorance and fear” Marxist materialism is starting to take hold in the United States.

Raymond Burke a member of the highest judicial authority in the Roman Catholic Church, he made comments in his homily on the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe on Dec. 12, Rome correspondent Edward Pentin writes on his website.

“The worldwide spread of Marxist materialism … now seems to seize the governing power over our nation,” Burke said of the U.S., adding that other countries are facing a similar problem. “To attain economic gains, we as a nation have permitted ourselves to become dependent upon the Chinese Communist Party, an ideology totally opposed to the Christian foundations upon which families and our nation remain safe and prosper.”

Burke said that these evil forces want people to “find in a disease and its prevention the way to understand and direct our lives, rather than in God and in His plan for our salvation.”

Cardinal Burke continued, “At a time when we most need to be close to one another in Christian love, worldly forces would isolate us and have us believe that we are alone and dependent upon secular forces which would make us slaves to their godless and murderous agenda.”

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