Authorities Close Highway in Nashville After Truck Playing Similar Audio to RV Bombing

During Sunday afternoon, The Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office announced on Twitter authorities have shut down a highway east of the city of Nashville, Tennessee, after stopping a truck reported to have been playing an audio track “similar to what was heard” before an RV exploded in downtown Nashville on Christmas Day.

The white truck began playing the audio at a convenience store at the Crossroads Market in Walter Hill and was pulled over in a section of highway in Wilson County. A robot was sent to investigate and officials said the driver has been detained by law enforcement. No explosive device was uncovered in the truck. 

A video caught by a local news reporter for WSMV shows the white truck parked alongside the two-lane highway, approached by the robot and followed by, in the second video, two agents “without bomb suits”

Before the Christmas bombing, the RV played an audio recording warning residents of the ensuing explosion, followed by the 1964 song “Downtown” by Petula Clark. Authorities did not specify what the truck was playing.

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