Andrew Clyde Elected To Congress Fights IRS

Georgia Rep.elect Andrew Clyde arrived within the nation’s capital with the distinctive distinction of already having a federal legislation named after him.

Clyde ran as a pro-President Trump, pro-life, pro-border wall conservative who wants to dismantle the IRS and limit the power of the federal government.

He’s spent the last three decades building a business that started as a hobby out of his garage in 1991 and has expanded to two brick-and-mortar stores in Georgia.

The gun store owner gained popularity for combating again when the IRS all of a sudden seized practically $1 million from his checking account in 2013.

Not solely did Clyde win his civil asset forfeiture case in opposition to the IRS, however he obtained Congress to cross a legislation final year so the IRS might by no means do it once more.

In the 9th District, he beat eight Republicans – including seasoned politicians – in the primary to succeed Republican Rep.

“It was this battle with the Internal Revenue Service that resonated with the people in the district, and they saw me as a fighter, and I am,” said Clyde, who lives in Athens. “I’m a fighter. And our campaign was ‘fight and win.'”

Clyde also wants taxes on guns and ammunition to be eliminated, calling the added cost an infringement on a constitutional right.

“You can’t tax the right to vote. So how can you tax the right to keep and bear arms? You can’t,” Clyde said.

“If you can tax it, you can tax it out of existence. No constitutional right should ever be able to be taxed.”

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