To Retain the Presidency, Trump Must Begin Delivering the Evidence For Voter Fraud

Retain the Presidency
President Donald Trump arrives to speak at a news conference in the briefing room at the White House in Washington, Friday, Nov. 20, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) (Susan Walsh)

Approaching three weeks after the chaotic Election Night, America remains without a President. For Trump to retain the presidency he must start delivering voter fraud evidence. But that hasn’t prevented potentially President, potentially former President Donald Trump from incessantly asserting his victory, firmly in the belief an expansive voter fraud scandal swiped the Election from both him and the American people. Going so far as to bragging about evidence, him and his legal team risk a historic national embarrassment if Biden takes the oath of office. With numerous recounts and court cases to chew through, the elusive results of the Election could stretch for weeks more. If Trump intends to swing the results, he must begin delivering. 

Trump’s signature brashness exploded in the days after the Election, on a near twenty-four/seven cycle of shouting “A Rigged Election!” and “I won the Election!” on Twitter. In Trump’s mind, no doubt exists that Democrats stole the Election, deserving him of the Presidency. Enlisting the star power of the former New York mayor and Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Guiliani and Dallas lawyer Sidney Powell, Trump’s legal team has entered full kitchen sink mode.

To Retain the Presidency

His legal team shares the incredible enthusiasm, with Giuliani believing “the number of voter fraud cases in Philadelphia could fill a library.” Giuliani consistently contends that, not only did voter fraud steal the Election, but a massive and premeditated voter fraud scheme to rig the Election occurred, inciting Democrats were behind it all. 

“There’s not a singular vote fraud in one state. This pattern repeats itself in a number of states, almost exactly the same pattern,” Giuliani said. “It suggests there was a plan from a centralized place to execute these various acts of voter fraud, specifically focused on big cities, and specifically focused on big cities controlled by Democrats.” 

Powell promises a “biblical” lawsuit in Georgia in the upcoming week. “We’ve got tons of evidence. It’s so much, it’s hard to pull it all together,” Powell guaranteed. “Hopefully, this week we will get it ready to file, and it will be biblical.”

However, contrary to their stoically optimistic demeanor, few lawsuits have bounced their way up to this point. According to a tally kept by Democratic Party attorney Marc Elias, Trump’s legal team sits at an abysmal thirty four losses in court to an anemic two wins. In a devastating loss that could end legal appeals in Pennsylvania for Trump’s team and spell finalization of vote counting in the state, a solid victory for Joe Biden, a federal judge tossed aside a lawsuit that would have invalidated nearly seven million votes in the state, the most votes at stake for a lawsuit.

“One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption,” U.S. District Judge Matthew W. Brann wrote in his 37-page opinion. “Instead, this court has been presented with strained legal arguments without merit and speculative accusations … unsupported by the evidence.”

Transparency? Evidence?

In Michigan, accusations of lack of transparency have been routinely shot down. “This court finds that while there are assertions made by the plaintiffs that there is no evidence in support of those assertions,” said Judge Timothy Kenny in denying a request to delay certification of election results.

While Trump earned a recount in Georgia, a judge dismissed a lawsuit that involved ballots received after the 7 p.m. deadline were mixed in with legitimate ballots. “The court finds that there is no evidence that the ballots referenced in the petition were received after 7:00 p.m. on [Election Day], thereby making those ballots invalid,” Judge James F. Bass wrote.

Arizona’s infamous “SharpieGate”, alleging voting locations provided sharpies to fill out ballots, thereby invalidating the ballot. However, that allegation fell through almost instantly. “Don’t promote disinfo! Stop spreading #SharpieGate claims,” said Chris Krebs, the director of the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Rather than presenting the seemingly absurd evidence they’re apparently sitting on, Trump’s team has turned to brushing the losses off and claiming it’s all going to plan. Like a football coach trying to keep spirits high by pretending to be unaware of his team’s defeated record, Trump leads the charge for his supporters who remain hopeful for his victory. Brutalizing losses that end legal attempts in entire states have been spun to seem like victories. But, when it comes to proving voter fraud and reversing the state’s decision, Trump has yet to deliver. Despite failing to invalidate seven million votes in Pennsylvania, the ruling would “help us in our strategy to get expeditiously to the U.S. Supreme Court,” from Trump’s attorneys, declaring victory in a clear loss. 

If Trump’s legal team does indeed have enormous evidence of voter fraud, it must be presented immediately. They cannot continue to boast to the degree of an national voter fraud ring to decide our Elections without backing any of it up or else risk a national embarrassment unlike anything we have ever seen. This Election divides the road for this nation into two equally devastating outcomes. Either the greatest crime in American history or the greatest embarrassment in Election history. 

If Trump doesn’t hold onto the President by accomplishing the insurmountable task of reversing multiple states, he sacrifices all credibility he has and smears the Republican Party worse than Nixon. With apparently monumental lawsuits on the horizon, every last shred of evidence must be set on the table or this will be the unceremonious end of the Trump campaign.

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