Will BLEXIT Provide A New Boost To President Trump With African-American Voters?

The Democratic Party has been the choice of nearly all African-American voters in the United States for decades, BLEXIT is trying to change that. In the 2016 election, 88% of black voters chose Hillary Clinton while only 8% chose Donald Trump. In the 2012 election a whopping 93% voted for Barack Obama while only 6% voted for Mitt Romney.

While the 2016 election proved to continue the pattern, there was a notable 7% swing in favor of President Trump. In the 2020 election, if this number continues to push towards the GOP, the Democrats could run into some closer races than they were anticipating.

Key States in 2016

Donald Trump won all of the states listed below. The states that he was supposed to have no shot in are Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Those 3 states shocked the nation as each respective state was called for the GOP in 2016. These 3 states were won by razor thin margins and had Hillary Clinton getting 92% of the black vote. The other two states were won a little more comfortably and the black vote showed less support for Hillary in those states.

Could African-Americans sway the election in 2020 towards either Trump or Biden? I would say it is very possible that this is the case this year. I predict that all 5 of these states will have swings towards the GOP in 2020. If Donald Trump can cross the barrier of 10% in each of these states he would have a huge advantage over Joe Biden in the election.

Michigan- Hillary +86%

Hillary Clinton 92% – Donald Trump 6%

Pennsylvania- Hillary +85%

Hillary Clinton 92% – Donald Trump 7%

Wisconsin- Hillary +86%

Hillary Clinton 92% – Donald Trump 6%

Ohio- Hillary +80%

Hillary Clinton 88% – Donald Trump 8%

Florida- Hillary +76%

Hillary Clinton 84% – Donald Trump 8%

Can BLEXIT Help Shift These Numbers To The Right?

After the 2016 election, a new group led by Candace Owens called BLEXIT has a mission to help Black Americans leave the Democratic Party. Her movement has caught the eye of many Americans, but will the movement be enough to shift the votes away from the Democratic Party in a major way? If it can, the African-American vote could be a key demographic that re-elects Donald Trump to four more years in office.

If this movement proves to be effective in the 2020 election, it will be found in the statistics of who did not vote for the Democrats in 2020. The BLEXIT movement is not asking Black Americans to vote for the Republicans, it is asking them to question their loyalty to a party that has never done anything for them but they continue to vote for them anyway. See a short interview with BLEXIT’s founder Candace Owens below.

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