Why Is Joe Biden Lying About Increasing Taxes on Americans?

Joe Biden continues to say the same lie over and over again. He says that nobody who makes less than $400,000 dollars will have their taxes raised. Back in 2008, Joe Biden said that nobody who makes less than $250,000 dollars will have their taxes raised. How did that turn out? Well according to every single piece of data, Americans everywhere had their taxes increased during his tenure as Vice President.

He Will Repeal The Trump Tax Cuts

If Joe Biden wants to tell Americans he isn’t going to raise their taxes, then why is he going to repeal the Trump tax cuts day one of his administration? Could it possibly be that Joe Biden is lying to the American People once again? Joe Biden is repeating the same phrases that he used to say 12 years ago. The American People need to be aware that their taxes are going to go up Joe! Why are you afraid to tell them the truth? Is it because you know they won’t support you if you tell them that more of their hard earned money is going to go to DC to be wasted?

These kind of lies are exactly why Donald Trump won office in 2016 and should win again in 2020. The American People are not stupid. They can spot a swamp creature when there is one. Drain the swamp means get rid of politicians like Joe Biden who will say one thing and do another after they are elected. Let me be clear, if you vote for Joe Biden and he wins, your taxes are going to increase. Which way will Americans choose? Only a few weeks from now we will know for sure.


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