Trump Returning To White House; Encourages Americans Not To Be Afraid Of The Virus

This morning President Trump tweeted that he would be returning home to The White House this evening and encouraged Americans to not be afraid of the virus. 

President Trump was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center following his diagnosis of Covid-19, he went to the hospital as a precaution. Treatments prove to be working as he is set to go home tonight after being in the hospital for only a few days. 

Dr. Sean Conley said the President has “met or exceeded” the standard protocol for discharge. Before leaving, Trump will receive another dose of remdesivir and his oxygen levels are now back to normal. 

On Sunday, President Trump took a short drive to wave to supporters outside the hospital. The media and anti-Trumpers have been in an uproar stating he’s jeopardized the health and safety of the Secret Service. Dr. Conley assured that any medical and administration personnel have been wearing full PPE while around the President, including Secret Service agents who were in the car with him. 

President Trump will continue his recovery from home at The White House and complete his Presidential duties and obligations. We wish you a full recovery Mr. President!

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