The “Sympathetic Left” Shouts Worry for the Safety of Secret Service Agents After President Trump Drives by Supporters Outside Walter Reed Medical Center

President Trump has been admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center following his diagnosis with covid-19 on Friday as a precaution. Dozens of supporters have been camped outside the hospital toting Trump and American flags to show support for the President during his treatment. To show support and give thanks back to Americans, President Trump did a drive-by to wave to those on the sidewalk.

President Trump waving to supporters outside Walter Reed Medical Center
photo from delewarerepublic.org

Now, the “sympathetic and compassionate left” is so worried and distressed that the President put the lives of the Secret Service in danger by being in the same car with him. Apparently, the left doesn’t understand that the Secret Service literally signed up to be with the President at all times of the day and night in the event that danger of any kind arises and that their sole duty is to protect the President. Apparently, they don’t understand that “danger” is a part of the job description.

The Secret Service isn’t going to unaccompany the President of the United States on a car ride because they are worried about a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate for people in their age group. Nor are they worried about themselves catching the virus. They are worried about the safety of the President. That’s it.

Secret Service Agents protecting President Trump
photo from nbcnews.com

It’s surprising that the left doesn’t understand that the Secret Service is doing their job to protect the President. It’s not like Trump hasn’t seen any members of the Secret Service the last few days while he’s been hospitalized. Secret Service agents have been with President Trump in the hopsital, they go everywhere with him, it’s their job.

The left isn’t actually worried about the Secret Service, this is just another ruse to smear President Trump as an uncaring, selfish, dangerous, homophobic, xenophobic, racist, sexist, [insert any other -ist or -phobic here]. Which he is none of those things by the way and he has proved that countless times. The left is literally pulling out any possible tactic, no matter how delusional, to try and sway the country against President Trump. Little do they know he has thousands and thousands and thousands of supporters and they aren’t changing their minds. They’ve already decided what kind of man and President he is and they are sticking with him.

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