The Man Hired as Security for Patriot Rally Who Shot a Conservative Has Far-Left Views

On Saturday afternoon there was a “Patriot Rally” in Denver, Colorado that ended in the killing of one man, Lee Keltner. There was a counter protest organized by leftists called the “BLM-ANTIFA Soup Drive”.

Video from the shooting shows fighting between a man and Keltner, the man egging him on, almost encouraging Keltner to mace him. Keltner walks away while the other man starts getting into it with a third man. Video from a distance shows the spray of orange mace and then a gunshot, police quickly swarmed the area.

It has now been revealed that the shooter, Matthew Dolloff, was hired by 9News, affiliated with NBC News, to be a private security guard at the Patriot Rally. But several social media posts reveal that Dolloff is a fervent anti-Trumper and thinks all Trump supporters are racist. Many are asking why the news organization would hire someone with the complete opposite views of the people he is there to protect. It has also been reported that Dolloff is not licensed to be a security guard, nor does he have any training to do so.

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