The Left Wants This War: A Response to Mitt Romney’s Call for “Unity”

The Left Wants This Fight

For some it may seem that what Mitt Romney is saying here makes a lot of sense. In a perfect world it would make a lot of sense to call for complete unity in American politics. Unfortunately it seems Mitt Romney has already forgotten why he was never President in the first place. You see, the left and the media in America have completely eliminated any morals when it comes to lying about their opponents. Mitt Romney was labeled with all sorts of nasty things in 2012 and what did he do? He stuck his tail between his legs and allowed the Democrats to demonize him. What was the result? A blue wave that sent Mitt Romney into political irrelevancy.

This isn’t a fight that the Conservative wing of politics wants, but when one side is willing to lie to destroy you, the fight must take place. Donald Trump happened because 60+ million Americans were fed up with the left and the lies that they unfairly place on anyone who opposes them. So while you are pandering to the few left who support you, the rest of the conservative end sees you as someone who is weak. Flattering words no longer is enough to win over this electorate, you need to fight back. Americans see Donald Trump as the first person to finally stand up to these liars and cheaters. We have to call out the immoral lies of the democratic party or we will never achieve real unity.

Unity in Condemning White Supremacy

What would Unity look like today? Let us take for example White Supremacy. There is no side of the mainstream political arguments today that fights for white supremacy. The President of the United States has repeatedly condemned white supremacy and racism. This is something that we could all be united on, but one side refuses to be united on the issue.

How is it possible to be unified in a nation where one side is willing to lie regardless of actual evidence? Why do we have to pretend that Donald Trump doesn’t condemn white supremacy when we have all heard it with our own ears multiple times? The answer is simple, the media doesn’t want unity. The media doesn’t want Donald Trump to condemn white supremacy because they want the controversy. So Senator Romney, your message may seem like it is written in good spirit, but you ignore the reality at hand. The left is not going to be satisfied no matter what we do. You lost in 2012 because you had this mentality and the left ate you alive. Would I love to be unified? Of course I would, but it is difficult for unity to exist amongst liars.

Keith Olbermann

You conveniently left a huge part of the Keith Olbermann story out, and that is the part where he declared Trump supporters need to be “removed from society.” This isn’t any longer just about disagreement on policy, this is war. The left is declaring war on anybody who is conservative. How can anyone be unified in that climate? Peacetime conservatism is a losing strategy and that is all Mitt Romney has ever been about. If we don’t fight back now then they will continue to lie and cheat until they take everything over.

Spare us all of the pretend calls for unity and actually speak the truth of what is going on. Who’s side is Mitt Romney on? Based on his little declaration here we can see he is likely on the side of Joe Biden because he nicely claims that Biden hasn’t stooped as low as others. It was a nice try Mitt Romney, but your strategies will allow the radical left to continue to destroy this wonderful nation and we are not going to allow that to happen.

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