Power Hungry Pelosi Says She Could be the President of the United States

Nancy Pelosi was speaking to reporters and she mentioned the possibility of her becoming acting president if Joe Biden and Donald Trump were unable to secure the necessary 270 electoral votes to win the presidency. She was talking about how if the needed votes do not emerge then Congress has the chance to decide who becomes the next president. Because of that she and other Democrats are working to secure their majority vote. She went on to say, “then it goes into another range where the speaker becomes the president. It’s complicated after that.”

Power Hungry Pelosi Says She Could be the President of the United States
The Des Moines Register

The Speaker is grabbing at anything she can to hold onto power. Even a possibility as slim as this. According to the Washington Examiner, it’s very rare for the House of Representatives to determine the winner of an election, something like this hasn’t happened for 150 years.

Democrats will stop at nothing to keep President Trump from serving another four years; and they haven’t. Even before he was elected they threw shade at him, his family, and tried to delegitimize his campaign with lies. Since then, they’ve thrown every false slander in the book at him just because they want to. Then it was the whole “Russian collusion” which is now turning out to be Joe and Hunter Biden’s doing. It was only last year that the House impeached President Trump, but was then acquitted in the Senate. Speaker Pelosi has even raised the possibility of impeaching him again, which shouldn’t come as a surprise. But it worked “so well” the last time, why do they think it would work this time too?

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

Nancy Pelosi has proven to be anything but qualified to serve as President of the United States of America. She’s a career politician who’s crawled pretty high up that latter, but apparently, she’s not finished yet. She’s ready and wants to hold the highest office in the land. Any person who goes into politics for life, should not be in politics at all.

Republicans are moving forward with a resolution to remove Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Doug Collins, a representative from Georgia says that Pelosi is lacking in the required mental capacity to continue in her speakership. The document cites behavior from the Speaker that is just baffling. One example is when she was “set up” by a salon owner for a haircut and blowout. Another being when she ripped up the President’s State of the Union address only seconds after he concluded.

The likelihood of a “President Pelosi” is incredibly small, but nonetheless, Nancy Pelosi still brought up that minuscule chance.

Source of quote and resolution: Conservative Brief, Fox News

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