Leftists Wish Death Upon Trump After Positive COVID Test

Despite incessantly flaunting an anti-hate agenda and feigning a general hostility to hatred, the Left has now stooped to openly calling and hoping for the death of President Donald Trump after he unfortunately contracted COVID-19. Dozens of blue check marks on Twitter and even prominent political figures celebrated his diagnosis. 

Zara Rahim, former Obama White House staffer and Hillary Clinton’s former 2016 National Spokeswoman, in a deleted Tweet said, “It’s been against my moral identity to tweet this for the past four years, but, I hope he dies.”

Texas State Representative Gene Wu deleted a couple of vile tweets, one reading “hard to serve a prison sentence if you’re dead” and the other one, no less reprehensible, read “Currently, we are the only nation in the world that is actually safer with our commander in chief incapacitated.” 

Writer and former MSNBC host Touré responded to Rachel Maddow’s pleas for prayer for President Trump’s and everyone infected by the virus’s speedy recovery by Tweeting, “Sorry Rachel but no. Hard pass on praying for that.”

Ironically, this despicable response comes days after the media spun a sporadic debate answer as refusal to condemn white supremacy, despite President Trump’s repeated condemnation of the evil ideology and even agreement to condemn white supremacy on the debate stage. If we are truly to combat hate, we must agree on a common definition or else lose the significance of the word altogether, reduced to nothing more than a partisan silencer and meaningless chant. 

But to the Left, hatred possesses no concrete definition, rather the term serves as a tool of silence for anything or anyone that disrupts their narrative. JK Rowling mocking an op/ed on Twitter for referring to women as “people who menstruate” is pure hatred towards trans individuals while raging riots that result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage and the deaths of noble police officers defending the peace are “mostly peaceful”, according to CNN. Nicholas Sandmann awkwardly staring at Nathan Phillips wearing a MAGA hat puts the boiling hatred of Trump supporters on full display but trending hashtag #WrongTrump following the death of President Trump’s brother Robert Trump is nothing more than a hearty joke.

Our nation’s leader’s health in jeopardy deserves a national moment of solidarity. A startling reminder of the threat we face and unifying underneath the hope our President and everyone affected pulls through. This should be above petty politics. But childish and abhorrent demands for the death of our President prevents any hope of civility or harmony. 

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