Joe Biden Town Hall: Mandate the Mask

During Joe Biden’s town hall that was in lieu of a debate between him and President Trump, he was asked about how he would go about mandating the mask after saying there should be one in place. He said that he would go to every governor and move down the latter to other local government authorities and ask them to mandate the mask. Watch what he says below.

Biden has said before that he wants a nationwide mask mandate and with less than 20 days until the election, he’s made his position and goal clear: he will do anything to mandate the mask.

There is conflicting evidence as to whether a mask really proves to be effective against covid-19. In some situations they work well, but people who religiously wore a mask still got the virus. There are videos on the internet of people wearing a mask and vaping or blowing out birthday candles, which makes people wonder how effective can a mask really be if large particles from a vape pen can get past the mask. Check out this doctor going through the different types of masks people are using and vaping.

from W I N D on YouTube

If elected, Joe Biden is ready to find a way to require that every person in America wears a mask at all times. But where does it end? If we allow this to happen, when there is no full-proof evidence that a mask works, it begs the question, what would they try next in the name of “public safety”?

Mandates are a slippery slope, and not one worth going down. We live in the United States of America where we are guaranteed our freedoms. They weren’t granted to us from the government and we intend on keeping them.

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