Joe Biden Screams “We Must Choose Truth Over Lies”; 2 Minutes Prior He Pushed the “Very Fine People Hoax”

Joe Biden seems to not understand what choosing truth over lies looks like. He continues to relentlessly push a false claim that even the fact checkers have correctly marked as false. Yet not a single reporter seems to ever question him on this. Compare and contrast this situation to anything Donald Trump says and you will quickly see that if he was lying this blatantly the media would be all over it.

See Joe Biden Yell At His Supporters Below. It almost seems like he doesn’t know he has a microphone in front of him.

Why Hasn’t Joe Been Called Out For This Lie?

To answer this question simply, it is because the media is also still hellbent on pushing the exact same lie. Nearly every time this hoax gets mentioned nobody pushes back. In fact it is said so often on CNN and MSNBC that you would probably think that it is a true criticism of the President if you didn’t know any better.

Truth over Lies?

The result of Joe Biden lying and then saying he chooses truth over lies is a perfect picture to paint for the 2020 election. Joe Biden says a lot of these one liners that sound absolutely fantastic at face value. I mean who wouldn’t want to choose truth over lies? It is a statement that everyone agrees with but you can’t lie right before saying it and then expect people to take you seriously.

In the VP debate between Mike Pence and Kamala Harris, it felt like Kamala Harris was there to simply repeat the medias lies for them. If Joe Biden is so certain that he wants to choose truth over lies, then why did he pick a VP candidate who lies nearly every single time she speaks? They have consistently lied about their stances on fracking, taxes and the Green New Deal during this election cycle. So why should we trust them to tell the truth about any of their policies? Americans are going to listen to Joe by choosing truth over lies. Which means we must vote for somebody else who is not named Joe Biden.

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