Joe Biden Forgot That he is Supposed to be FOR the Green New Deal

Joe Biden had a very confusing moment at the debate on Tuesday when he was defending the cost of the Green New Deal while simultaneously saying he doesn’t support the Green New Deal. According to Joe Biden’s own website he supports the GND as the path forward for climate change. Which one is true Joseph? They can’t both be true. Is this a sign that Joe Biden has no control over his own policies? We know that the radical left would love a president who supports this atrocious deal, the American people need to know what side you are on Joe!

This is Further Evidence That Joe Is a Puppet for the Radical Left

If Joe Biden is unaware that he is supposed to support certain policies, that shows us all we need to know about what type of presidency he is going to run. Joe will be a puppet that takes orders from the left. He will lie his way to the white house if he has to. The American people must see through his confusion and avoid this catastrophe from ever touching the white house again.

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