HAPPY BIRTHDAY HILLARY: Senate To Confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett on Hillary Clinton’s Birthday

Hillary Clinton will get a birthday present from Mitch McConnell this year! October 26th is the date that has been announced for the senate to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. This date just happens to fall on the same day as secretary Clinton’s birthday. Republicans everywhere would like to wish former secretary Clinton a wonderful birthday while we celebrate the confirmation of the newest judge on our supreme court.

Amy Coney Barrett is loved by the American people and new polls are showing that more than half of the country favors the senate confirming her as the next Justice on the Supreme Court. Her performance in the senate hearings caught the eye of many as she sounded well prepared and qualified. The senate in all likelihood will be confirming her on October 26th as the Republicans should have enough votes.

Madam President Hillary Clinton

We couldn’t get you into office in 2016 Hillary, so we really want to make it up to you in 2020. By confirming a woman judge to the court, we are making it clear to you that we value the women in our government. Madam Barrett will do a great job in representing the nation and protecting our constitution.

The pre-mature call of victory for Hillary by the media is something that Americans will never forget. Newsweek magazine was so confident in the victory of Hillary Clinton that they really published this magazine declaring Clinton the President of the United States.

Let Us Celebrate Hillary

Hillary Clinton ran a campaign in 2016 that was historic in that she was the first woman to be nominated to a major party ticket as the President. While the whole entire world thought she was going to be president, she couldn’t quite get past her nemesis Donald J. Trump. There was many reasons that Americans rejected her, but this cringe moment below is something we can all sit together and laugh at. “POKEMON GO TO THE POLLS” she says!

Thank you Hillary Clinton for giving Americans a day to remember in 2016 that will forever be in our minds. You didn’t win the presidency, but you did give us a lot of funny videos on the internet and for that we thank you. Happy Birthday and happy confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

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