Grand Jury Tapes Reveal that Kenneth Walker Lied When He Claimed Breonna Taylor was the One to Fire at Police

Grand Jury proceedings are usually held in private and the release of testimony of other evidence is very rare. But about 20 hours of audio recordings from the Breonna Taylor case have been released revealing that Kenneth Walker, Taylor’s boyfriend, has changed his story.

Walker originally said that Breonna was the one to open fire on police, but later he admitted that it was him. The tapes record Officer Hankinson, the officer fired for wanton endangerment, saying that she was the one to shoot at them because that was what Walker had told the officers. But later, Walker confessed that it was he who shot at police.

Officers had a no-knock warrant, but upon arriving at the residence they decided to knock and announce their presence. After doing so, Kenneth Walker opened fire on the police, striking one of the officer’s in the leg, prompting the officers to return fire. Taylor had been standing in the hallway with her boyfriend when the gunfire occurred which resulted in her being shot and killed.

Walker claims he didn’t know the men at the door were the police even though they knocked three times and announced themselves. Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced there would be no criminal charges against the officers involved last week.

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