Gene Wu Tweets ‘Hard to Serve a Prison Sentence if You’re Dead’ About Trump, Deletes the Tweet and Posts Well Wishes to Cover Up

Gene Wu is a Representative for Texas and on Friday night he tweeted “Hard to serve a prison sentence if you’re dead.” He didn’t specifically mention Trump, but it’s fair to assume he’s talking about the President since Trump just announced he and Melania have tested positive for covid-19.

Gene Wu, Twitter

It’s also fair to assume he’s talking about Trump because soon after posting the tweet he deleted it and instead tweeted well wishes, prayers, and “healing thoughts” for the President. Several people have called out Wu for hypocrisy, saying they saw his original tweet. Some tweet replies read, “You’ve already shown us who you are. This attempt is useless and without meaning”, “I’d move to Texas just to vote you OUT!”, or “Liar liar liar”.

He also tweeted, “The greatest recovery the nation has ever seen.” But it’s unclear what he means by that.

Wu isn’t the only one to show lack of concern for the President and First Lady after they’ve contracted the virus. Many people posting to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook have made horrible comments, like wishing the President a “painful covid death.” Others have made comments “calling him out” for not wearing a mask and that’s why he got it, when in fact the President has worn a mask when he’s needed to.

Photo from The Texas Observer, The Verge

It’s interesting to see the difference between conservatives and liberals in how they treat someone “from the other side” who has fallen ill or even died. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed, conservatives were quick to offer condolensces to her family and even acknowledge the great accomplishments RBG made in her life. But when the President contracts covid-19 the liberals celebrate and wish him death. That behavior is disgusting and shameful.

Even without the threat of covid-19 people have wished death for the President. When he was first elected, celebrities made comedy videos and posts about him being killed. There are a lot of liberals and Democrats that conservatives and Republicans are not fond of, but we would never wish death or sickness upon anyone.

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