FBI and CIA Directors Block Declassification of “Russiagate” Documents

On Thursday, Fox Business host Lou Dobbs interviewed investigative reporter John Solomon. The interview focused on the alleged “Russiagate”, in which Russia was alleged to have colluded with Donald Trump in winning the 2016 Presidency.

The Trump campaign was the subject of the FBI operation Crossfire Hurricane. This operation targeted four men within the Trump campaign, including manager Paul Manafort and national security advisor Michael Flynn. Earlier this year, the Senate Intelligence Committee stated that there was no evidence of a collusion between Russia and Donald Trump. Ironically, the same FBI investigation that targeted key members of the Trump campaign has itself come under the light of the Justice Department and Congress.

Following this revelation, there has been immense interest in the FBI and CIA documents surrounding the operation. However, both FBI director Christopher Wray and CIA director Gina Haspel are personally blocking the declassification of these documents.

Solomon’s Interview

In his interview, Solomon stated that he thinks that the motives behind these blocks are to protect the reputations of the FBI and CIA. However, he also stated “the American people deserve accountability. This is one of the greatest scandals in American history.”

Solomon later stated that “there are people, political plants in all of these agencies.” In other words, political bias runs deep. Solomon also stated that part of the motive behind these blocks is to protect sources and methods. However, he also stated that “there’s a way to declassify these documents and protect sources and methods.”

These documents present a potential huge breakthrough into what has been happening for the last 4 years. At this moment, however, it is unclear when (or if) they will be released. The CIA and FBI are full of amazing individuals, who put their lives on the line to serve this nation. However, there have also been shady, questionable operations conducted (MK Ultra ring a bell?). It is essential that both the FBI and CIA are transparent with the American people (in a way that protects sources and methods). In other words, we need truth and accountability.

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