Adam Schiff Lies To The American People; Claims Russia Is Behind Biden Laptop

Adam Schiff is back at it again with the Russia hoax based on no evidence. What is most disturbing about this whole case is not the content on the laptop of Hunter Biden. The most disturbing thing for the American people is the media and their ability to lie about this situation as it happens. American’s everywhere are being silenced if they even dare to mention this story about Hunter Biden. Why is this being censored so much by the media and big tech?

On multiple mainstream networks, viewers are being told that this is “Russian Disinformation.” Is there any evidence to back up this claim? Of course not, but that doesn’t stop Adam Schiff from making it up in his own mind.

What Does the Director of National Intelligence Say About Russia?

DNI Ratcliffe states clearly that there is no intel that points to Russia being involved with this Hunter Biden story. So why is Adam Schiff allowed to spread actual disinformation on mainstream media outlets? He has been doing it for years now and he has not been held accountable for his actions. At some point the American people have got to wake up to what is happening. Adam Schiff is a chairmen in our own intelligence community and he is making up intel for partisan reasons!

Evidence Is No Longer Required To Make a Claim In Our Mainstream Media

Multiple other Democratic leaders are also spreading this lie about Russia. Evidence based claims are no longer important in our politics in 2020. If the Democrats want to shut a story down in 2020, they will simply go on CNN and MSNBC and tell the viewers that it is a Russian disinformation campaign.

This is reaching a point where the left will blame Russia for anything bad that could come out about them. We all remember when even Tulsi Gabbard was painted as a “Russian Asset” by Hillary Clinton a few months back during the Democratic primaries. The left will smear anyone who dares challenge them and Joe Biden will never be held accountable for this news because the media is currently campaigning for Joe Biden to be President of the United States.

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