50 Cent Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

Famous rapper, actor, and entrepreneur 50 Cent, Curtis James Jackson III, announced that he endorses Donald Trump for President in an Instagram post.

50 Cent Endorses Donald J. Trump for President

After seeing how taxes would rise significantly under a Biden administration, 50 Cent took to social media to slash the ludicrous proposal and told his followers to vote for Trump.

This endorsement comes as a shock to many because in the past, 50 Cent has slammed the President, particularly for his response to the covid virus. He said, “You wanted a reality show host as president, well now you’re on Survivor.”

After posting his support for the President he was met with a lot of backlash from fans and followers. Several were saying that the tax rates were only for the “rich”, those making more than $400,000 a year. One woman wrote:

IF YOU MAKE OVER $400,000/year!!!! If you don’t you will be receiving a tax CUT!!! This the dumbest shit 50 ever posted!!!! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Ya’ll don’t make that much so have several seats! And vote for Biden!!!! Not a racist!

@prettyday82 on Instagram

Another said:

Don’t be a sell out 🥴

@kalysek on Instagram

But in classic social media fashion, he was met with hundreds of comments of support.

Trump loves black people & the unemployment rates amongst black people is the lowest it’s ever been under trumps administration. Not to mention the fact that trump signed a bill into law giving black universities 200 million dollars! Trump2020!

@littleyogii on Instagram

Even Bermane Stiverne, a Haitian-Canadian professional boxer, commented saying:

photo from Boxing News

Biden think he’s Peter Pan… I hate to say this but #Trump, sorry!!!

@bermanestiverne on Instagram

The Trump-supporting post even got two comments from conservative commentator and Fox News host Tomi Lahren. She commented an “Amen!” and welcomed him to the Trump train.

photo from Simple Wikipedia

Welcome to the Trump Train! 🇺🇸🇺🇸

@tomilahren on Instagram

Only 4 days before posting his official support for the President, 50 Cent posted a viral video of President Trump dancing to the YMCA at one of his rallies.


It’s possible that within the last few weeks to election more celebrities could come out shouting their support for the President. It certainly would scare democrats as they are so used to having the elite vote in the bag. More and more people are realizing that Trump is not what the MSM has painted him to be. He’s a decent man and a hardworking President who puts Americans first. As he says so himself, Trump has done more for Americans in 47 months than Joe Biden has done in 47 years.

Sources: RFAngle, Instagram

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