Who will President Trump Appoint to the SCOTUS in light of RBG’s death?

(“Doug Mills/The New York Times”)

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18th 2020 was big news for the United States.  Justice Ginsburg served from August 1993 until her death a few nights ago. President Donald Trump was surprised by the news and offered his condolences praising her many years serving the country. Though many mourn her loss the president along with the Senate are obligated to fill the vacant seat in the Supreme Court; and this is a terribly big decision. House Democrats are insisting that the President should not fill the seat during an election year, some are even saying he can not. President Donald Trump hasn’t said much on the matter except that the seat must be filled, but who are the possible nominees and why do the democrats want to prevent a nomination. 

The latter is easier to answer. Democrats know that the President will choose a conservative judge and this would mean a 6:3 majority for republicans. Furthermore, whoever the President picks is very likely to be approved by the majority republican senate. This would be a terrible situation for the democrats, but an amazing situation for America. Know the more difficult question; who are potential picks for the Supreme Court?

The President’s List possible nominees for the Supreme Court include dozens of names. Possible nominees include a handful of senators, many sitting judges and also several conservative lawyers. These men and women are some of the most patriotic people with lots of integrity and more importantly they put America first. Some of the most notable names include: Ted Cruz, Thomas Cotton, James Ho, Barbara Lagoa, Mike Lee, and Thomas Lee.

To start everyone knows Ted Cruz. The former presidential candidate and a U.S senator has stated that he has no interest in being a justice though many people would love to see him as one. A lesser known Thomas Cotton is gaining popularity. The senator from Arkansas is extremely conservative and has shown he is a true upholder of the Constitution in his time as senator. James Ho is a judge for the U.S court of appeals and he also served as a clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas. Many people wish to see the seat filled by a woman and Barbara Lagoa is one of many women on the list. Lagoa is also a judge for the U.S. court of appeals and served as a justice for the Supreme Court of Florida prior to her appointment. Utah’s own senator Mike Lee is on the list and he served as a clerk for Justice Alito. Finally, Utah’s Supreme Court Justice Thomas Lee. Justice Lee has served diligently for many years and he was a former clerk for Justice Clarence Thomas.

Many of these people would be great fits for SCOTUS; they are all diligent civil servants and they uphold the U.S. Constitution. Liberal democrats don’t want to see any of these people filling the vacant seat because that would mean patriots would have the majority vote. Democrats have had their way for far too long and now Americans are paying for it. A conservative SCOTUS means American success.