URGENT POLL: Will You Be Watching Pro Sports After Displays in Support of BLM and Anti-Police? Vote Now!

Football season is finally here and after months of sports being postponed and then canceled due to covid-19, we’re all a little excited for some normalcy. But unfortunately, pro sports teams are taking it upon themselves to allow displays in support of BLM but prohibit any displays that are pro police.

Sports is an escape for Americans. That is what it was designed to be. But now, it seems that you can’t turn on a game without hearing some remark about police brutality or white supremacy.

Politics do not belong in sports. Everyday, news is thrown in our faces, it’s nice to take a break form reality for a while and enjoy a good game. But the woke mob can’t even allow that anymore.

Many Americans have said they are refusing to watch any pro sports so long as BLM support and anti police displays are allowed during the games. Will you be watching pro sports? Take the poll!

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