URGENT POLL: Who Won the First Presidential Debate?

Last night was the first of three debates between Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden.

The debate was mediated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and at different times seemed like the three men were all debating each other. The night was certainly filled with much back and forth and talking over one another, but that can be expected with any debate.

The first debate brought much skepticism from Republicans challenging the honesty of Joe Biden. People on the right wondered if Joe Biden and his team would find a way to feed him answers while those on the left expected nothing but verbal attacks from the President.

Some Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, said that Joe Biden shouldn’t have even bothered debating the President in the first place. And now that the first debate is over, several media personalities are urging Biden to rescind his commitment to the other debates scheduled to take place in the coming weeks.

But what do you think? We want to know who you thought won the first debate. Vote Now!

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