URGENT POLL: Who Do You Predict Will Win The Debates?

It’s debate night! The first of three debates is set to take place only a matter of hours from now. While Trump-haters like Nancy Pelosi are saying that Joe Biden shouldn’t even bother debating the President for lack of “fidelity to the truth”, Republicans are worried about Joe Biden being able to speak tonight or even knowing where he is and what”s going on.

Confused Joe Biden, photo from wibc.com

Over the last few weeks President Trump has said that Joe Biden should take a drug test because there is no way that he is performing as well as he is without a little help from something. Trump said that he would also be willing to take a drug test as well, proving he has nothing to hide and he is fully capable and able-minded to debate the former Vice President.

Chris Wallace from Fox News will be moderating the first debate, and unfortunately, not Joe Rogan who offered to mediate the debate a few weeks ago. Which the President jumped at the opportunity, but there was no comment from Sleepy Joe.

President Trump, photo from mystateline.com

Over the last year, Americans have seen Joe Biden fail to form and deliver coherent sentences or even know where he is or what he’s doing. To a crowd of Democrats, Joe Biden didn’t even know that he was asking voters to vote for him to be president! He said, “My name is Joe Biden and I’m a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate.”

So what do you think? Is Joe Biden ready to throw down with President Trump? Or will President Trump mop the floor with him and ride the wave to his landslide victory in November? Vote now! Who do you predict will win the Presidential debates?

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