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URGENT POLL: Should BLM and ANTIFA be Considered Domestic Terrorist Organizations?

By Savanah Lyn Thomas

For months chaos has ravaged the streets of American cities. Groups like BLM and ANTIFA say they are fighting for equality, justice, and peace all the while leaving the country more destroyed and torn apart than it has ever been.

They claim to stand for one thing, but then their actions prove another.

In recent weeks the destructive behavior of ANTIFA and BLM has escalated to a point never believed possible.

Across the country people are being murder by these savage rioters and the media / Democrat politicians are to blame.

This is because for months Democrat politicians and the media not only ignored the violence but also called the rioting a “myth” and instead used the phrase “peaceful protests”.

Now that the violence can no longer be ignored, the media are now attempting to blame President Trump.

This is beyond ridiculous as President Trump has been trying to get Democrat governors and mayors to allow the National Guard to restore order, which the Democrats call Trump a dictator for; yet then proceed to blame the riots as “Trump’s America”.

What do you think? Should BLM and ANTIFA be considered domestic terrorist organizations? VOTE NOW!

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Savanah Lyn Thomas

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