URGENT POLL: Does Joe Biden Have Dementia or a Stutter? Vote Now!

At the Democratic National Convention, Democrats tried to claim that Joe Biden has struggled with a stutter his entire life.

But if you look back at old footage of him talking, he is able to speak quite well, and the gaffes have only occurred within the last few years.

Joe Biden has been caught saying some pretty out there things. Like recently he said that under his administration America would see less fires, hurricanes, and floods. In the past, he’s talked about children rubbing his hairy legs in the pool. At one point he didn’t remember that he was running for President and thought he was running of the Senate. He even bit his wife’s finger on stage!

Clearly, something else is going on with Joe. He’s nearly 80 and does not have a good mental state. He gets confused with which state he is in constantly. The poor guy needs to retire and go home.

So, this all begs the question: does Joe Biden have dementia or a stutter? Vote now!

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