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URGENT POLL: Do You Think People Can Vote in Person if Others Can Riot?

For months chaos has echoed the streets in nearly every state in America, leaving cities burned, in ruin, and people’s lives destroyed. The media has focused a lot of attention on these “peaceful protests” but negate the fact that if people can riot that citizens should be allowed to vote in person. Thus, deeming mail-in voting unnecessary. But the media has crafted and perpetuated the lie that you are voting in person could pose a significant risk of contracting COVID-19 but fail to mention how the same outcome could be generated from protests and riots.

They shout social justice at rioting but condemn going to church. But really, what is the difference between worshipping God in your church building and casting your vote at the election booth? What is the difference between standing in line at the grocery store and standing in line to vote? What is the difference between wearing a mask at a protest and wearing a mask at a voting booth? The truth proves there is no difference other than media bias and democratic control.

So that begs the question, do you think people can vote in person if they can riot? Take the poll and vote now!

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