URGENT POLL: Do You Support White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany?

Kayleigh McEnany took over as White House Press Secretary on April 7, 2020. She’s only had the new job for a few months but she is already loved by Republicans.

 Kayleigh McEnany | The Raging Patriot
Kayleigh McEnany, photo from deadline.com

Sarah Sanders was, and still is, a favorite among conservatives and many wondered if there was anyone out there capable of filling those shoes. Kayleigh has proved time and time again that she wears those shoes perfectly.

She resembles Sarah in many ways. She calls the press out when they deserve it and she doesn’t take any hits, in fact, she throws them right back, just like Sarah. Recently, she blasted reports for ignoring the historic Middle East peace deal made the day before and called out prominent Democrats for their belittling response to the agreement.

photo from esquire.com

Also like Sarah, Kayleigh is beautiful and kind and does her job the best she can every single day, doing her best to serve the President and fight for America.

 Kayleigh McEnany | The Raging Patriot
Kayleigh McEnany, photo from indy100.com

Kayleigh is grounded in her beliefs and principles and because of that strong foundation is she is able to face an often judgmental or mean crowd of reporters and critics all with grace and fervor.

If you support Kayleigh McEnany as White House Press Secretary as much as we do, then take our poll!

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