Update on Sophie Long: Sophie was Hospitalized, Michael Long asks President Trump for Help, and Father Now Has Custody of all Three Children

Some Background

A nearly 20-minute video has since gone viral of 9-year-old Sophie Long begging and screaming for help and freedom from abuse from her dad’s car has caught national and even international attention.

For more information regarding the case of Sophie Long and her prolonged abuse read these articles below.

Sophie was Hospitalized

Sophie had been staying with her mother in a hotel. Michael finally got his kids back and while they were with him he heard Sophie screaming from the bathroom. He ran to go see what was wrong and she was in so much pain that they took her to the emergency room.

Sophie then told her dad that multiple men visited the hotel room including “Mr. Jake”, the mom’s boyfriend, who had been court-ordered to stay away from her. Sophie said she knew it was him because she knows what he smells like but didn’t know who the other men were.

Michael Long Tweets to President Trump for Help

Many people have retweeted this and are also asking for the President to step in on behalf of the family and for the federal government to do something. A White House petition has 87,000 of the needed 100,000 signatures for a response from the President.

The Father Now Has Custody of all Three Children

A hearing on September 9 ruled that the children would be placed in the custody of Michael Long. Lead counsel for the case, Jamie Graham, said a new judge decided to “err on the side of caution” and placed the children in the care of their father.