Tuesday Night Showdown: Preview of The First Presidential Debate


The Debate We Have Been Waiting For

On Tuesday September 29th, there will finally be a debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden. This initial debate will be moderated by Fox News anchor Chris Wallace. The first of 3 debates is anticipated to be filled with fiery exchanges. The President has not been shy when it comes to attacking Joe Biden and we can expect him to bring out the big guns on Tuesday night. What is still a question mark for all of us is what will Joe Biden be like at this debate? We will surely get a clearer answer as it pertains to his mental health.

It is hard to say why Joe Biden’s campaign is allowing him to even do this debate in the first place. There must be an explanation as to why Joe’s public appearances have been extremely limited, especially when it comes to being asked questions. If there is something we know for sure, Chris Wallace of Fox News is not going to make it easy on either candidate. Donald Trump has sat through a tough interview with Chris Wallace before so he definitely has the advantage coming into this debate since he will be more comfortable with the moderator.

Nancy Pelosi Still Says the Debates Shouldn’t Happen

In an interview on CBS, Nancy Pelosi made her opinion on having debates clear. Nancy says that she believes Joe Biden should skip the debates because she believes “the president has no fidelity to fact or truth and, actually in his comments the last few days, no fidelity to the Constitution of the United States.” Basically what Nancy is telling us is that she believes Donald Trump is an enemy to the Constitution and he shouldn’t have a chance to debate Joe Biden. Do we really believe she thinks this? Or is she actually just fully aware that Joe Biden isn’t going to be able to handle his own on the stage?

Topics for the Debate Announced

Integrity of the Election


The Economy

Race and Violence in our Cities

The Supreme Court

Trump and Biden Records