Trump Will Stand Up To China, Biden Will Fold To Their Every Wish

An iron curtain is once again descending upon the world. On one side, there lies the free and prosperous West, where all are viewed as equal and capitalism ensures fair economic conditions for all. On the other, we find the totalitarian power of China, a cruel, oppressive society in which all those who do not conform to dictator Xiís strict rules are sent to the slaughterhouse. No amount of burying our heads in the sand will change the fact that China is growing, and quickly. Through trade, it is us who have created this superpower, and now it is us who must prevent it from throttling our society and our values. Mark my words, the Chinese Communist Party (or CCP as it is usually known) is a tumour on the face of this earth, and its power and influence are expanding. It must not grow any more, lest society as we know it shall be destroyed, and our lack of action shall be to blame. This should not be a partisan or political issue, but a common sense one. It is in the best interests of the world (and even of the Chinese people) to see the Chinese government lose power or, better still, be overthrown.

Chinese dictator Xi Jingping rules with an iron fist (Photo credit: The Philippine Star)

The reported genocide of innocent Uighur Muslims because of their sincerely held religious faith is the most recent, and perhaps the most alarming, display of cruelty by China. Innocent men, women and children have been rounded up and imprisoned in facilities known as Ďre-educationí camps, which bear resemblance to the labor camps built by the Nazis. Reports of what takes place in those camps are truly disgusting. Survivors tell tales of rape, mutilation, torture and even murder. Yet, the spineless politicians who run Western democracies are scared to stand up to china for fear of losing out on cheap Chinese goods. If we donít act soon, it may one day be us or our descendants in those camps.

The COVID-19 pandemic once again highlighted the dangers the CCP poses to the world. Though the pandemic began in China, the CCP tried to act as if they were the innocent victims of a pandemic that sprang out of nowhere and ambushed them. This is clearly not the case, and the CCP knows it. It is impossible to say whether the virus was created by the Chinese government or not, but what we do know is that, through their unwillingness and inability to be open about the Coronavirus situation and cooperate with foreign governments, the CCP is responsible for the loss of thousands of lives worldwide. Yet, despite the CCP and its puppet the WHO being ineffective and even deadly, world leaders are hesitant to act. So far, it is only the USA who has announced any plans to free themselves from the clutches of these corrupt organisations after President Trump withdrew the USA from the WHO. We need more world leaders who will, like Trump, stand up for freedom and democracy.

The Coronavirus pandemic has claimed almost a million lives worldwide (Photo Credit: justthenews.com)

Sinophiles argue that it is necessary we bow down to the CCP, for, they say, how else will we be able to buy cheap goods? The solution to this Ďproblemí is simple. There are 193 recognised countries in the world. China is but one of them. All democratic, free countries need to come together and cut off the vast amounts of money flowing out of our pockets and into the hands of the Chinese regime. After all, it is with our money that China is building these detainment camps for Uighurs and investing in technology to spy on us with. We need to invest in places like India. India has the second-largest population in the world, a stable and democratic government, and generally good relations with other countries. I donít know about anyone else, but Iíd much rather have India become a superpower than China. India isnít perfect, but at least it isnít torturing and killing people who donít bow down to totalitarianism.

The time for politeness and sidestepping is done. The Chinese regime is a threat to all that we know and love, and itís power must be at the very least capped. Time is of the essence; we must act whilst the USA and its allies still have the upper hand. After all, as Sir Winston Churchill so aptly put it; Ďyou cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouthí.

Winston Churchill had a very practical approach to dealing with tyrannical regimes (Photo Credit: The Daily Telegraph)