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Trump set to Visit Kenosha Wisconsin

Locals cleaning up after Far Left riots Source: BayNews9

After visiting Louisiana and Texas that were ravished by hurricane Laura, President Trump is going to visit Kenosha which was ravished by leftist riots. Unlike Portland, the Kenosha mayor accepted the federal aid that Trump gave after the Jacob Blake riots got out of hand. This allowed federal agencies to help the local police in preventing escalation. Since the arrival of the National Guard, the riots have ended. The riots caused a lot of mayhem in this small suburban city. They burned many cars down and businesses.

Small Businesses destroyed

President Trump is setting out to visit the heavy damage caused by the riots. He is hoping to bring national attention to the real issue at play. Most of the businesses will never recover, even if they have some insurance. Insurance doesn’t always cover everything, and the entire process can take a long time. In Kenosha, the car dealership and many other stores the riots severely damaged that are small businesses. During Covid, many were struggling already and the riots just ended their business for good. When a business gets destroyed like that overnight, they lose many of the customers that built up over time.

A small car dealership. Source: Getty images

Trump Aims to Unite

The mainstream media have protected the riots by covering the violence as “mostly peaceful”. Yet they refuse to get input from the business owners and many residents that live where the riots take place. It is a normal practice to get the damaged businesses input like we see in hurricane ravished Louisiana. They refuse since this will defeat their “mostly peaceful protestors” narrative. Trump wants to expose this narrative. The left has already gone into a frenzy mode, calling for Trump to not visit. However, many Americans and Kenosha County Board supervisors also wrote to Trump, urging him not to cancel. “Kenoshans are hurting and looking for leadership, and your leadership in this time of crisis is greatly appreciated by those devastated by the violence in Kenosha,” the letter from seven supervisors said. Trump solidified this upcoming visit by twitter saying, “see you Tuesday!”

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