Trump Passes Biden in Approval Ratings, 52%

The Rasmussen Reports White House Watch surveys have been releasing weekly race reviews, today’s posted at noon reported Trump closely ahead of Biden, 47%-46%. Trump has now passed that polling report and has reached 52%.

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The poll analysis report said that until this week, Biden has passed Trump in every survey since they began at the beginning of July. It also said that the race is narrowing, especially in the last two weeks.

Other polls show Biden leading, but many analysts think that in the last few days before election the race will tighten and be similar to the 2016 election when Trump won the Electoral College over Hillary Clinton.

Trump Passes Biden in Approval Ratings, 52% - United States | The Raging Patriot

The Rasmussen Reports said, “Trump shows surprising strength among other minority voters, suggesting perhaps that he is attracting Hispanic support as violent racial protests continue in many major cities.”

This is just one example that proves a Trump 2020 Landslide will be evident in the November election. Thousands have been lining up outside Trump rallies and several people are saying they have been “red-pilled” and are flipping to the Conservative side and intend on voting for Trump.

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Source: washingtonexaminer.com