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| On 2 months ago

Trump Calls for Drug Tests for Him and Joe Biden before Presidential Debates

By Savanah Lyn Thomas

President Trump recently said that he thinks that both he and Joe Biden should have to take a drug test before the debates.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham, she asked him why he said that. He responded,

“Because I watched Biden in the previous debates and he was horrible and I watched him in the Bernie debate and he was normal, he wasn’t Winston Churchill, but he was normal. It was sort of like an even deal, he got by it. And I said, ‘that was a different guy than the guy that was in the debates where Kamala just took him apart.'”

Laura Ingraham asked him what he thinks Joe Biden might be taking, he said,

“Well, he’s on some kind of enhancement, in my opinion. And I say we should both. I should take a drug test, so should he…I wanna take one. I’ll take one. We should both take a drug test.”

Savanah Lyn Thomas

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