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| On 2 months ago

Trump Announces Historic Economic Agreement for Kosovo and Serbia

By Isaac Johnson

Today, President Donald Trump announced a historic agreement between the countries of Serbia and Kosovo. The agreement follows over twenty years of tension between the two countries.

President Trump announced Serbia will move its embassy to Jerusalem. Israels Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed thanks to Serbia for this agreement. Kosovo will also acknowledge Israel. This is a huge deal. Kosovo, a primarily Muslim country, has not recognized Israel previously. This acknowledgement will help Israel and Kosovo establish diplomatic relationships. Kosovo will also open its embassy in Jerusalem, which represents a gesture of respect to Israel. Of this agreement, Netanyahu said “… the circle of peace and recognition of Israeli is widening and is expected to add additional countries.”

Kosovo and Serbia further agreed to normalize economic ties. Through this deal, Serbian President Aleksandar Vicic and Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti will cooperate on various economic fronts in order to bring in investment and increase jobs. This will help these two countries to establish diplomatic ties.

While Trump faces critics that this deal isn’t enough, it represents a big step in the right direction. Political experts stated that this deal will help the region and that it is a step forward.s

History of the Tension

Kosovo and Serbia have been at odds with each other since the late 1980s. Tensions further escalated in the 1990s. In 1996, the Kosovo Liberation Army began a campaign against Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic. Serbia in turn responded with executions of ethnic Albanians. In turn, NATO launched a 77-day air campaign against Serbia in 1999. When these conflicts were done, thousands of people were killed, with over a million people displaced.

Kosovo later declared independence in 2008 but is still not recognized by Serbia. Tensions have continued since then. However, many are optimistic from this historic deal. Trump stated “I look forward to seeing Serbia and Kosovo prosper as we work together on economic cooperation in the region going forward.” President Vucic of Serbia perhaps said it best: “[our countries] haven’t resolved all our problems, but this is a huge step forward.”

Isaac Johnson