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| On 2 months ago

Three things that need to continue after Quarantine


There is no doubt that the pandemic has changed many things. While most are undesirable, a few things have happened that are things we might actually want to keep around.

Take out food

While things like GrubHub and other take out options are nothing new, they have certainly become more prominent in the Coronavirus days. Most want to return to dine in eating, however the reduced prices and easier access to our favorite foods is something everyone can get behind. Not to mention the extra jobs it is creating.


Streaming services have become a lifesaver during quarantine. The access to hundreds of movies and TV shows is nothing new, but it is certainly even more appreciated now. What is new, is direct release to streaming. On September 4th, Mulan hit Disney+ for an extra $30. It skipped the normal theater period becoming available for streaming before anything else.

While many people complain about the price, the fact remains that going to a movie theater was skipped. This is a huge step. Now, instead of having to go somewhere and every person paying for a ticket, finding a row of seats where you can see, and paying extra for food and drinks, you can watch it at home. As many people as can fit in your living room can watch the show together.

Going to the theater is fun, but this practical approach is a step that we would like to see continue.

Slowing down

This last one is less of a commercial item. Life is busy. Life is always busy. But having time to spend with family is good. It’s nice to be able to slow down and take “me” time. While an excessive time alone is not good for humans, slowing down isn’t always a bad thing.

Hopefully, even after quarantine ends, we will continue to have a special appreciation for family and friends.

Everything is crazy right now. Most things are terrible. There is political turmoil and chaos. But these three things will hopefully continue even after everything calms down and life returns to normal.