The Hill- “Supporters Not Wearing Masks at Trump Rally in NC!” Looking at Photos and Video Proves Attendees Were Wearing Masks

The Hill reported that at the North Carolina rally Trump held on Tuesday that all of the attendees were not wearing face coverings. But looking at the photos and videos from the rally proves otherwise. Dozens of supporters were wearing masks, many of which said MAGA or TRUMP.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted about the story blasting the media for blindly following and pushing the narrative and completely forgetting the concept of basic observation.

And it would seem that only a small number of them weren’t wearing masks and that The Hill is neglecting the fact that perhaps people with health conditions prohibiting them from wearing a mask wanted to attend? Or maybe, which is more likely, they refuse to acknowledge that Americans still have the freedoms God gave us and that means choosing to wear a mask or not!

Dave Plyler is the GOP chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners and said how he thinks that Trump should be following the local orders of the places he visits and went on to say “When in Rome, do as the Romans do. When in North Carolina, do as the governor says.”

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Trump rally in North Carolina,
photo from nytimes.com

The article was quick to criticize President Trump and said he’s only worn a mask in public a few times. The Hill seems to forget that the President of the United States is not “out in public” all that often, seeing as how he’s the President, Leader, and Commander in Chief of the Free World. The author did mention Nancy Pelosi and her slap in the face to salon owners by not wearing a mask in a San Francisco salon last week, but only to say that Trump called her out for it.

Once again, the mainstream media falls on their face ignoring facts and trying to run with a story that very clearly isn’t true. Good job guys, solid reporting you have there.