#StandWithSophie: “Daddy! Help Me!” 9 Year Old Girl Begs for Help and Freedom from Abusive Mother’s Home

The Viral Video

In a heartbreaking video nearly 20 minutes long posted to social media on Monday, little 9 year old Sophie Long is seen first refusing to get in her dad’s car for a custody exchange to go stay with her mom. Later Sophie is with her dad in his car at the exchange point and refusing to leave the vehicle. She is crying and begging to not have to go.

Sophie is pleading to stay with her dad but her mom and maternal grandma keep telling her she has to “because the judge said so”. In the beginning, Sophie is still buckled into the car and her grandma is trying to unbuckle her, together the mother and grandmother are pulling Sophie by her arms and legs to get her from the car when she screams,

Daddy! Help me!”

At some point, Sophie is sitting on the center console between the two front seats gripping the headrest rails and trying to speak with her grandma who keeps asking her to come with her. In the video, you can hear Sophie say things like “I am not going back there, ever!” and “I know you think daddy did something! No, he didn’t!” and “I am smart. I know why you’re doing this!” and “Well I would have come if you just let me come peacefully, but you didn’t!”

Sophie is insistent that she is allowed to make this choice and that she is choosing not to go to her mother’s house. But the grandma and mom tell her that it isn’t her choice to make and that sometimes there are things we don’t want to do but we have to do them “when judges and policemen say this is what we have to do.”

It takes Sophie a while to open up to her grandma about the trauma she has endured. At this time, police are on scene as the mom had requested they be called, it is unknown who called them, and she is speaking with an officer. In the car, it is just Sophie and her grandma. The following conversation is Sophie describing her abuse and how flippantly her grandma responds.

Grandma: “Remember you were so happy, we stopped at the parks.”

Sophie: “That’s because I felt like I had to be. Well, I’m happy with you, but no, not with mommy.”

Grandma: “Do you know why?”

The little girl is quiet for several moments but it is clear she is getting more upset.

Sophie: “[unclear] she always makes me feel bad about myself and when I’m sleeping [unclear] touch me and I don’t want her to know because she’ll be mad at me.”

Grandma: “I can guarantee no one’s been touching you.”

Sophie: “Yes [unclear] it’s real life. Why don’t you believe me? Why don’t you believe me?” Sophie is crying.

Grandma: “Who’s touching you? So who’s touching you? I wanna know because I care about you. I do wanna know. So who’s touching you?”

Sophie: “Mr. Jake and mommy watches it. Mommy watches it happen. And it always makes me feel bad about myself.”

The grandma asks where he touches her and how. Sophie says he touches her “vivi” and that he touches it. Then she says that one morning she woke up and there was blood in her underwear.

I don’t like the fighting or any of it. I’m not going. I’m tired of it.”

After Sophie tells this heartbreaking and enraging story of what has been happening to her and how she feels about it the grandma glibly responds, “Listen, listen. If you felt so bad about yourself how did you get the school lead in the play? When you were young you did gymnastics.” She also said to Sophie, “You had fun doing it [the play], didn’t you?” Sophie yells back, “Yeah that doesn’t mean anything!”

Throughout the video Sophie says many times that she is “done” and refuses to go back to that house.

More to the Story

In a Facebook live video that the father, Michael Long, made on August 31, he tells about Sophie and how special she is to him. He said, “She is fearless…so when I started seeing fear in my daughter’s eyes, I knew there was a problem.” He explains the signs that he and his wife, Kourtney, began noticing around May and that how she was acting just wasn’t like her normal self.

He had been suspicious that Sophie’s younger brother, Jack, had been drugged sometime in June and he tested positive for cocaine and marijuana. It was around that time that Sophie opened up more and told her dad and step-mom what had been happening to her.

Michael is documenting what’s been going on by posting videos to YouTube and Facebook as his attorney advised him to do, even though the courts are opposed to that action. He explains in the video that he tried to trust the system but he felt ignored and that there was no follow-through.

We were getting promises from the system, and no one showed up.”

From her dad and the video of Sophie pleading for help and freedom, her fighting spirit can be seen. She is brave and smart and is refusing to let the torment continue. It’s time to #StandWithSophie


A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the family and was posted on August 21 with a goal of $25,000 but donations have reached over $100,000.

Developing Story-Updates to Follow

This is an ongoing investigation with updates to come as soon as they are available. The Frisco, Texas Police Department is handling the case and they say that Sophie and her brothers are in a safe home.